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short and sweet by the sea

Gather all the pieces of yourself into this very moment.

The mind can be in many places at once making us feel disconnected and frazzled. The many pieces of the mind can often be stuck in the past, in that conversation you just had and the last e-mail you sent, or fixed in future in the todo lists and the worries. Gather the mind back to the body in this present moment to bring about a sensation of wholeness and connection, dissolving any separateness. Come back to the here and now.

Choose your seat

Commit to seat

Set intention

Follow the breath

Inhale So // Exhale Hum

Notice how the thoughts move through the mind, the sensations fluctuate through the body, and the environment hums in its ebb and flow. Allow the world to be as-is, knowing you will drift in and out of thoughts. The moment you notice your awareness has drifted, gently call it back to this very moment. Coming back to a state of oneness over and over again.

Short and Sweet Meditation by the Ocean