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resistance passage

We are on the path returning to love.

Remembering our true nature.

Releasing what no longer serves us.

Coming into right relationship with our highest self, the earth, and all beings.

Surrendering to the discomfort of change so that we may offer the world our light. 


A state where:

Things flow with ease.

We trust in the unknown of the cosmos.

We allow the muck to nourish the blossoming of our growth.

We take time to center so that we move through the world aligned with our highest self.

We are slow to judge and quick to listen.

We hold space for ourselves and others.

We are authentic.

We are intuitive.

We listen to the all knowing.

When times are tough we pause instead of react and seek the silence beneath.

We offer our love and compassion with ease because we feel abundant, worthy, and enough.

We focus our energy on where we can be of service in easing the suffering of the world.

We choose love with strong minds and open hearts.

We understand that our relationships are our greatest teachers, each person a buddha and guide to show us where our love flourishes or where it might be limited. 

We take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions. 

We are vulnerable, because we know vulnerability is strength in the form of beauty. 

We offer our light because we know the world is a better place when we let it shine. 


A continuous one that take discipline, focus, and heart. 

Resistance often shows up in a form of discomfort when we practice returning to our most natural and aligned state of being. We may experience this when we set new goals, new years resolutions, within new relationships, or new habits. When resistance shows up at our door, we shut it. We don’t want to deal with the discomfort of change and the pain of attachment to old habits and belief systems. If we can just journey through this passage of resistance we will always get to the other side, to the seat of joy and freedom. 


We shift our perspective on resistance. 

We change our relationship to resistance.

The resistance passage is a time of growth and transformation. In the book Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte discusses Tod Herman’s findings on the biology of change: When we make a positive life change, one that will bring us back to our most natural state of being, our brain floods with serotonin as a way to celebrate the change. Our new goal feels easy and we are committed. Resistance sets in after a few days when the neurotransmitters collapse back into their normal output levels (so we don’t overdo it on the feel good chemicals and stay sane). Tod Herman states that during this period of resistance the cells within our body are taking on new forms to accommodate and recalibrate for the positive life change, practice, habit, or belief. The body loves the resistance period (imagine when you were a fetus, you would not have toes and a nose if the cells did not get stressed out to change), reminding us that stress and change is always good, it is just how we react to it that determines the outcome. The mind creates the discomfort and suffering during the resistance period because the mind does not always enjoy change (that means it has to work). So we must change the mind and our relationship to resistance in order to get through to the other side.


  • Become aware of resistance
  • Resistance means it’s working, we are changing, growing, evolving, transforming. 
  • What can I learn?
  • Where can I soften?
  • Where do I feel strong?
  • What’s my intention, my desire? 
  • Notice it, breathe into it, get closer, lean in, and reframe.

I never heard a butterfly complain. 

May the meditation below, recorded under the auspicious super blue blood moon lunar eclipse, bring you ease, softness, clarity, alignment, grace, wholeness, and the remembrance of your true nature, your power, which is love.

super blue blood moon lunar eclipse meditation