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heart space

I take a moment to ground down and focus on my heart space while on the subway to work. 

I close my eyes, turn my awareness to my body and take three deep breaths. 

As I drop my awareness into my heart space, listening and witnessing to whatever may arise, I hear the loud speaker on the subway say “2nd street station, doors are opening… doors are closing.” Well isn’t that just the nature of the heart; the heart opens and closes, just like the rhythm of our breath. Sometimes when we are feeling strong, safe, and receptive we allow our heart space to open, receiving the experiences of life as is, no matter the light or darkness of the situation. Other times we close and turn inward to replenish, rest, or protect. 

Returning to heart space takes us out of our thinking mind and back to where our true nature of love resides. We replenish ourselves by bringing awareness to the heart, directing our energy inward by witnessing the feelings and sensations around that space so that we can fill ourselves up with love till our hearts overflow.

This meditation can be short and sweet, practiced anywhere and at any time in order to cultivate a strong and loving presence.

“The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.”



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