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The most profound gift you can give this world is your presence. Yet in this fast modern world stress, worry, and fear often consume our day to day busy life, making it difficult to embody our truest self, stay grounded in the heart, and live life to our fullest potential.

My mission is to share the modern science and ancient wisdom of meditation and yoga practices so that we may live happier and healthier lives, create stronger more beautiful relationships with ourselves and others, and stand in the power of our most authentic self.

I am a meditation teacher, massage therapist, and yoga teacher. My journey began at age five when I became mystified by yoga and meditation after being introduced to the practice by my parents. I deepened my curiosity traveling the world learning and working with a diverse community of yoga and meditation teachers, healers, shamans, and medicine workers. This evolved into my passion of studying ancient wisdom and modern science for the goal of simplifying and integrating these practices into our everyday lives with where we are now.

Daphne teaching yoga in the jungle of Guyana.

My classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats offer various culturally responsive disciplines and practices that stay at the root of the lineage so that we may reside within the heart, cultivate peace of mind, connect to the earth, hold space for others, and find ways to bask in compassion and laughter along the way.

I am eternally grateful to my teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Don and Amba Stapleton, Al Finger, Elena Brower, Rod Stryker, Heather Rice, Ram Dass, Manorama, and Jack Kornfield for their knowledge, wisdom, and grace they bestowed upon me through their teachings. To my family and the many teachers in my community who continue to inspire me, especially the students who allow me to share my love and passion. I hope to center future work around youth empowerment and intersecting equity-based identity work with yoga, meditation, and body work.

For more information on yoga classes, privates, trainings, and workshops please click here.

For more information on meditation classes, trainings, workshops, and privates please click here.

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E-RYT 500 – Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level

Unplug Meditation 200-hour Teacher Training

Philadelphia School of Massage and Bodywork 700-hour

Nosara Yoga Institue 200-hour Teacher Training

Jivamukti Yoga 300-hour Teacher Trainging

Lifestyle Meditation 25-hour Teacher Training

SUP Yoga 18-hour Teacher Training 

Elena Brower Elevate Mentorship 

Manorama Sanskrit Studies Method

Shamanic Permaculture Paititi Institue

Jivamukti Immersion with Yogeswari, Lady Ruth, Dr. M.A. Jayashree, and Professor M.A. Narasimhan

BA at Guilford College

LMT # 24702

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“Daphne and her Yoga has been one of the most powerful positive influences of my life!
The gift she shared is far deeper then the shapes I now can wiggle my 50 year old self into.
The quietness that Yoga bring when life emotions explode is one of those gifts.
I never image I would had the courage and the strength but inspired by Daphne’s practice I now take yoga to the place and people that need the most but rarely experience it is another.
Along with the gifts of her deep Knowledge and continuing study that she shares openly, make experiencing yoga thru her truly unique.”


“Classes with Daphne truly embody the full spectrum of Yoga. From her meditative voice and calm demeanor to; the expertly sequenced asana practice, enlightening dharma talks, and mantra chanting this is an experience not to be missed! I have always left feeling lighter, more balanced, at ease, and ready to walk off of my mat and apply my practice to my everyday life!”


“Through Daphne’s approach and flow of her classes, I connected on an individual level to better my own practice, but also to the class as a whole. I can only compare it to being at a concert and everyone is singing along to the same song, feeling like they’re in it together and part of something that’s bigger than themselves. Daphne is a yoga rock star!”


“Yoga practice with Daphne is a unique and beautiful experience. Daphne has the rare skill to infuse a challenging yoga practice with compassion, playfulness, inquisitiveness, and deep spirituality in an environment that is safe for all levels. Every time I step onto my mat in a class that Daphne leads I am astounded by her ability to facilitate my personal growth and awakening.”


“The magic of Daphne’s yoga is best experienced by allowing her to navigate its waters as your guide. She has the keen ability to calm beginner nerves with her soothing voice and clear instructions, while motivating and challenging her students to expand their practice by reassuring them and creating a safe space to take chances and grow. Her knowledge of yogic practices and the body have made her a favorite among our community. On top of it all, she knows how to make things fun and easy. Always reliable, always smiling, always exuding positivity and respect. Everything she does is with love and care, as a true yogi would.”


“Daphne occupies that all important space between graceful, calm yogi and inspirational trainer. My yoga practice has been taken up a notch through Daphne’s thoughtful and individual approach to movement. Yoga can be different things to different people, especially at different times. Daphne is keenly aware of the state of your mind and body and is able to adjust accordingly throughout the lesson. Through her instruction Daphne has increased my strength, flexibility, and enthusiasm for yoga.”


“Daphne is a stellar teacher who not only shares the teachings, but actually lives them off her mat too. She is a confident teacher that can work with a beginner student AND a seasoned practitioner. Her dedication to her students is one of the greatest gifts I admire about her. She creates long lasting connections that not only happen during her classes, but outside a studio’s four walls. Her skillfully themed classes offer me contemplations throughout my day!”



all photos by Pano @doyoushoot