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a quick meditation during the holidays

Love and gratitude easily radiate from every cell of our being when we feel centered, grounded, and focused. We can slip into old patterns of habits, thoughts, and beliefs when we find ourselves with family and old friends. It can get difficult to remain centered in ourselves during the rush of gatherings, grocery store runs, reunions, grocery store lines, and conversations with that crazy uncle. Give the gift of your strongest and most grounded self, with a clear focus, unconditional understanding, and a heart full of gratitude to all those who surround you by meditating. Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes to get back to a calm and peaceful state, centered in the heart.

“If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family.”


Find a space where you feel safe and can be undisturbed

(bedroom, car, bathroom, walk in the woods, closet, rooftop, pantry, get creative.)

Set an intention to stay present in your heart

Listen to the breath and the meditation below

Seal the mediation with a moment of gratitude

Gratitude for this beautiful life, for our family and friends we have the privilege to love every single day, for all the friends we have yet to meet, for the animals and plants we have the privilege to coexist with, for the nourishing food that fills our plate, for the clean water, for our ancestors,  for our teachers before us that have passed on this wisdom, for the sun and moon, for the trees and plant medicine, and for all the gifts of this earth.

Thank you. 

Guided Meditation in Jungle of India (5 minutes)