Guided Meditations

Bring daily meditation into your life and experience the beautiful transformation into your highest potential. 

A daily meditation practice can:

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • increase happiness and longevity

  • improve focus and attention

  • boost immune system and increase energy

  • improve brain function

  • enhance relationships

  • deepen sense of purpose and contentment in life

Listen to guided meditations below, join my weekly meditation class, or connect with me here with any questions.


Meditation changed my life. I am so thankful for the ability to share this transformative practice with you and the world with the intention to raise vibration, bring us into alignment with our highest potential, and create a stronger and more beautiful relationship with ourselves and others.  I was introduced to meditation at a young age thanks to my parents and deepened my practice in college while struggling with depression. Through the guidance of my teachers Don and Amba Stapleton, Jivamukti, Krishna Das and many others I was able to hone in on a transformative skill that gave me a different more encompassing awareness on my mindbody, my relationships with others, and my life. I became a certified Lifestyle Mediation Teacher and continue to explore the science, philosophy and practice of meditation. I incorporate meditation in studio taught yoga classes, privates, and community meditation classes. I also offer free guided meditations each month in my newsletter. Interested in meditation? Connect with me here. 

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