The Art of Letting Go

The art of letting go.

This can often be the hardest practice in yoga and in life. We become attached to things, people, memories, feelings, and places due to comfort, need, guilt, love, anger, happiness or the infinite other reasons we come up with to justify holding on. Yogic philosophy equates attachment with suffering. When we try to control or restrain the natural and ever-changing flow of life, suffering will arise. The practice of letting go does not mean we become numb or apathetic. Instead it allows us to open our hearts and minds to any experience, state of being, person, or situation and accept life as is. We let go in order to make space for newness, change,and transformation to come into our lives with open arms. We let go of expectations and judgments so that we may be more empathic, understanding, and compassionate. Letting go is a practice, a training of the mind, and one that requires patience. 

Using a mantra ('man' : mind / 'tra' : protect) awakens the light within and allows you to let go of thoughts, feelings, disturbances, stories, or physical sensations you may experince in your mediation practice and come back to the one pointed focus, in this case the mantra 'Let Go'.

An abundance of thanks and gratitude to my teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life for the guided meditation "Let Go" used in the Jivamukti lineage.



With love,