So hum

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This is my favorite meditation practice and one I use most. Anytime the chatter of the mind seems too great I take a moment to return to my breath and use the mantra so hum: inhale so / exhale hum. Right away I feel a clarity of the mind, calm, and peaceful. I like using mala beads (pictures above) with this meditation, every bead is a breath linked to the mantra so hum

Use the mantra so hum ('so' : I am / 'hum' : that or all of creation) as a vehicle towards stillness, allowing the mind to focus on the breath as the thoughts, feelings, and sensations dissipate letting you move beyond the fluctuations of the mind and into a space of stillness, peace, and clarity.

  1. choose a comfortable place to practice
  2. set your intention and a timer
  3. let your body release into stillness, close your eyes and focus on your breath
  4. inhale silently say so / exhale silently say hum
  5. the moment you notice your attention drift to a thought, feeling, or sensation come back and gently return your awareness to the mantra: inhale so / exhale hum

With love,