Connect to the Earth

The deeper the roots, the stronger the tree. 

When we feel connected to the earth, all other disconnects will dissolve. Feelings of attachment, judgement, fear, anger, and loneliness will disintegrate through the practice of grounding. Throughout life, we may experience times of unease or loss of control due to a mindset that we do not feel supported. Yet when you gaze down at your feet, there you are! Connected, grounded, earthed. 

You are always supported.

The practice of grounding allows us to stay open and receive all the nourishment this world has to offer. Grounding allows us to root down in our strength so that no matter the storm life may bring, we stand strong. 

  • Take time in your meditation practice to connect with the earth, releasing all that may hold you back from happiness and freedom.
  • Allow for moments of rooting down, becoming aware of you connection to the earth throughout your day to recenter. 
  • Give gratitude to this beautiful planet we are so privileged to live upon, thanking the earth and all she gives to us. 

You are connected to the earth, whole, at one



With love,