Daphne is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher of Jivamukti Yoga, Nosara Yoga and Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, as well as a Lifestyle Meditation Teacher and SUP Yoga teacher. She leads classes and workshops in yoga and meditation for all ages and all levels. Find out more here.

Yoga practice with Daphne is a unique and beautiful experience. Daphne has the rare skill to infuse a challenging yoga practice with compassion, playfulness, inquisitiveness, and deep spirituality in an environment that is safe for all levels. Every time I step onto my mat in a class that Daphne leads I am astounded by her ability to facilitate my personal growth and awakening
— Gina A.

Private and group sessions in yoga and meditation.

Private and group sessions are a wonderful way to dive deep into the practices of yoga, no matter what level (beginner to advanced), age, or size of group. Private classes are specifically customized for the clients needs and interests. Class may be held at home or in the office, as Daphne creates a warm, energizing, and sacred space for her clients. 

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Class Schedule

MONDAYS  infrared flow::: Amrita:::6:45-7:45am 

TUESDAYS  jivamukti::: Amrita:::9:30-11am 

WEDNESDAYS  infrared flow::: Amrita:::6:45-7:45am

THURSDAYS  jivamukti::: Amrita:::9:30-11am

FRIDAYS  infrared flow::: Amrita:::6:45-7:45am

SUNDAYS  candlelight flow:::Amrita::: 7- 8pm 

SUP (Standup Paddle Board) Yoga creates an incredible opportunity to take your practice to the next level, strengthening body, calming the mind, and connecting deeply with this beautiful earth. Daphne teachers SUP Yoga in Philadelphia with Aqua Vida

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The practice of meditation greatly enhances your life through the incredible benefits it brings to the mind-body and soul. As a certified Lifestyle Meditation Teacher and practitioner for many years, Daphne incorporates meditation practice in her classes, private sessions, and workshops, happily sharing the beautiful and greatly beneficial practice. 

TUESDAYS meditation::: Amrita:::11:15-11:45am



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