Thank you

I am grateful.

1 bone-in turkey1 carrot, chopped1 packet onion soup mix1 small onion, quartered1 stalk celery, chopped2 tablespoons melted butter1_4 cup all-purpose flour1_2 teaspoon black pepper1_2 teaspoon dried sage-2.jpg

Cultivating thankfulness for a full life allows us to witness all the beauty around us.

With no need to want, desire, or fill an empty void, we give ourselves space to see all we have, our wholeness in the eyes of our most devine self.

We don’t need to go anywhere or do anything because we are complete, whole, one. 

When we take time to ground down and witness the world as is, we begin to see that everything has purpose, everything is sacred. 

When we cultivate gratitude to all things around us we calm the restlessness and find peace within. 

And when we open ourselves up to receiving all that goodness and beauty in the world we become a vessel and overflow with love.

Thank you..jpg

Thank you,