Return home to the seat of your heart.

We hold within us the power to transform, root, and rise into our most authentic self and stand in the light and love of our highest being. May the following teachings, practices, and tools return us home to our highest self through ancient wisdom, modern science, and heart-felt inquiry.

What are we made of?

Our stories, narratives, personalities, likes, dislikes, experiences, relationships, flesh, blood, and breath? Or can we remember our true nature, our infinite self, with the potential to move beyond all limitations and come home to our highest being. As we walk this path in coming home we become aware of all the things the make up every cell of our being. We may feel stuck or lost in the cycle of thought, narrative, and habit. Just like energy, our essence cannot be created nor destroyed. We hold the potential to transform the pieces of ourselves that keep us separated through gratitude and honor, coming home to our most aligned self through mindful awareness. We rise up and stand in the power of our light and love to share our greatest gifts with the world from the seat of our heart, creating a ripple of change within our community so that we may live in good relation with the earth and all her beings.



May we remember the power of transformation in the moments we feel stuck, lost, or powerless. May we honor the past and our thoughts, words, and actions that for providing safety and protection the only way we knew how. May we honor the teachings we received that we could not have learned any other way. We carry within us the potential to shift, change, release, and let go.

The practice

music and movement

turn up the volume

dance / shake / jump / breathe / roar / yell / wiggle

the journal

What is the story that keeps you from your most authentic self?

What is the muck, the soil, the dirt, the shadow, that we may transform into our greatest lesson?

How can we honor in gratitude for the teachings and the medicine we receive, that we would not have learned any other way?



May we honor our beliefs, thoughts, stories, narratives, mind, body, heart, and all that makes us who we are through awareness and complete presence. May we build a relationship with our self as if we were our own dear friend through mindful awareness. May we cultivate the ability to be present no matter what life brings our way. May we root, ground, and align with our most authentic self.

The practice

Mindfulness Meditation

The power of presence through mindfulness serves to foster the practice of stepping out of the cycle of suffering by observing the thoughts, stories, narratives, and beliefs that keep us trapped as a victim to our experiences and guide ourselves back home to our present self. We strengthen the connection with our highest self, the one that feels aligned and in right relation, each time we choose the practice of mindfulness. In the guided meditation below we will use our five senses to cultivate present awareness.

This practice is best used in the moments we feel lost in the mind or body.

Start by becoming aware of how you feel.

Listen to the guided meditation.

End by noticing how you feel and any shifts that may have occurred.

The journal

What does being centered, grounded, aligned in my authentic power 

feel like / look like / taste like / sound like / smell like?



May we remember our true nature. May we stand in the power of our love and light. May we courageously share our power with the world and lead through wholehearted wisdom, intuition, deep listening, and alignment. May we live in good relation with the earth and her beings.

The practice

Root to Rise Meditation

Set intention

Become aware of the breath

Allow all to be as is.

Honor the thoughts as thoughts, stories as stories, and sensations as sensations.

Listen to the guided meditation below.

Return to the image of rooting down and rising up in light to cultivate connection with the highest self daily.

the journal

When I am home in the seat of my heart

I feel:

I think:

I say:

I act: