reground in 3 mins

We are busy people.

"I don't have a lot of time" is actually the biggest reason people give me when they explain why they do not meditate. We all know meditation is good for us. The studies on the effects of meditation prove what Eastern science was saying all along on the incredible benefits of the practice.

I don’t have time
— a lot of people (not the buddha)
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • increase happiness and longevity
  • improve focus and attention 
  • boost immune system and increase energy
  • improve brain function 
  • enhance relationships
  • deepen sense of purpose and contentment in life

Most of all, a daily practice of meditation creates more time in your life, everything goes by a little bit smoother. We use less energy focusing even though our ability to focus increases. We lower stress levels so when a stressful event happens we don't get stuck, instead we change our quality of awareness, let it go, and keep on. Life really does get a bit easier, more fluid, and more beautiful. 

So hit pause. Find a comfortable seat. And take 3 minutes to create more space, time, and a different quality of awareness to your experiences. 


set intention

watch breath

come back when you realize you have not been watching the breath

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